Read The Testimonials From My Friends

  • What an amazing find!

    What an amazing find after my recent trip to Morocco to be able to recreate the fabulous food and relive the memory of the holiday with the amazing recipes. A little bit of Morocco in Clapham

    ~John Davies~


  • Great resource!

    This is such a great resource! I’ve recently got into cooking and love Moroccan food; this has given me so many ideas. What really helps is the beautiful photography of finished dishes so I know what to aim for!

    ~Cat Chambers~

    ~Hertfordshire, England~

  • I can now cook for my husband

    Myself being a Swedish woman married to a Moroccan man means there are big cultural differences… especially the food. I myself  particularly don’t really like cooking, I prefer quick and easy meals but my husband is the complete opposite. This website is an absolute life saver, I can now cook my husband a special meal once in a while which I’m sure he will love.

    ~Ester Karlsson Mehdi~


  • I can cook better than my friends now!!

    Living in a multi-cultural society I have many Moroccan friends, this has given me the opportunity to try lots of amazing different dishes. Having found this website has enabled me the chance to try and make these dishes myself, its also not as difficult as I thought. Maybe I can even cook better than my friends now!!

    ~Ivana Rajic~


  • Traditional Morrocan cuisine

    As a Moroccan born and bred in England, I have  always tried to keep with tradition and cook Moroccan dishes for my kids, it hasn’t always worked out for me, not knowing many dishes to make, I have ended up making plain old English meals. Finding this awesome website that shows you so many delicious and easy to follow and make Traditional Morrocan cuisine has been a godsend. Now I can make the food my mother used to make.

    ~Aisha Fhail~

    ~London, England~