Moroccan Olives


Morocco is the second largest country that produces olives and the sixth to produce olive oil. Marrakesh, Casablanca, Meknes and Fez are some of the regions in morocco where olives are grown. Marrakesh is an area common for producing ‘table’ olives whilst areas such as Meknes and Fez produce olive oil.

In Morocco , olives are used for a variety of different things such as appetizers which are served with herbs such as thyme, peppers, rosemary, and oregano whereas crushed olives are used for products such as soap ‘Saboun El Baldi’ –olive soap and also used to make fuel.

The history of olives in Morocco can be traced back to when the Greek colonised Sicily. The Greek brought olives to Sicily and took trees across on to the mainland. Eventually, as trade routes developed, the olive was brought west.

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