Preserved Lemon

Preserved lemon is used throughout Morocco, adding flavour to a variety of dishes such as salads, sauces and tagines.
How to make Preserved Lemon:
Depending on how many lemons you use or how many will fit in the jar.
Slice the lemons into quarters leaving about two inches at both ends, then squeeze each split open adding a generous amount of salt into each opening. Once this is done, put the lemon back into its original shape. Do the same to each lemon. Once the lemons have been generously stuffed with salt place them in a jar, pressing them slightly, so the lemons release their juices. When the jar is filled with lemons close it and let it ripen for about a month, occasionally shaking it. Some choose not to refrigerate the lemons where as others do.
After leaving the lemons to ripen, they are ready to use and bring flavour to the dishes you love.




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