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Moroccan Mint Tea

Morocco is famous for its hospitality, it is part of Moroccan etiquette and culture to serve tea to guests.  As well as its hospitality it is also famous for its Mint Tea. Moroccan Mint tea, is a form of green tea that is prepared with mint leaves and sugar. Preparation- There are many ways to prepare Moroccan Mint Tea. This is one example: Cleanse the tea leave with hot water; this is done to purify the tea and enhance its... More

Moroccan Spices

The heart of every Moroccan dish are the spices. There are a wide varity of spices that are used in many Moroccan dishes such as: paprika, red chili, cloves and sesame cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, saffron, white pepper and coriander. These spices make and bring flavour to many famous Moroccan cuisines. A traditional Moroccan spice mixture is Ras el Hanout, which simply means the head of the shop and it is meant to represent the finest spice merchant has to offer... More

Moroccan Tagines

A Tagine is known as either a dish or a form of cooking pot. A two-piece clay pot that is used to make a variety of different foods. The base of the tagine is wide as well as shallow; the cover has a unique conical shape that fits perfectly on top sealing the base. A tagine is also referred to as a dish, whether it may be a chicken, lamb or couscous tagine. Historically, the tagine was used as a... More